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To assist you with the correct choice of tablecloth size, we put together a chart with table sizes and the corresponding recommended tablecloth sizes (in cm).

Table and table linen sizes

Customized production

You can't find standard table linen in your desired measurements?
We produce these in different designs for you, custom made.
Watch for the sign of the sewing machine!



The right size

  1. Take measurement of the length
    and width of your table
  2. add the desired drop for each side
    (20 cm to 30 cm recommended)
  3. Please note: the tablecloth may be
    maximum 265 cm on one side,
    the length is flexible

If you have questions, please do not hesitate
to contact our sales department.


Types of Seams

Your Selection
Our customized production is available for three designs. You also have a choice of shape and hem:

hemstitch 5 cm/7 cm**

ornamental seam 3 cm

small seam 1,5 cm*

*oval and round table linen 0.6 cm or 1 cm
**only Dessin 3458 Diana