Bauer Technics

Technical Textiles


Outstanding quality is our aspiration, innovative high-end products are our identity.

We have been working according to this credo as a family business for almost 135 years, for the satisfaction of our customers. Balancing tradition and innovation, we produce elegant damask table linen in high-quality weaving.

Setting a beautiful table for all festive as well as everyday occasions. Table decoration is all about atmosphere and visibility. Complete your table arrangement with napkins or table runners for a small, fancy indulgence.
A beautiful tradition which has experienced a revival in recent years, also for informal occasions.

Table culture is much more than the consideration of table manners.
It is rather about cultivating tradition, life style and enjoyment of food.

Table Linen Collektion

Our product range includes something for everyone: from allover motifs and fitted designs, to different material qualities as well as a multitude of uses. Curt Bauer table linen is offered in mainly light, friendly color tones, which discreetly and elegantly fit into any living environment. You also do not need to worry about getting the correct table linen size with the brand Curt Bauer.