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Quality & Care instructions

Design and quality shape the Curt Bauer brand.

We offer bed linen of the highest quality. Each of our bed linen sets is manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail, starting with the design process, selection of finest color harmonies and yarns, and finally sewing the finished product.


A variety of special manufactures

In our design atelier we take our time and regard each design on its own. Our professional attitude towards a sophisticated manufacturing process makes each bed linen an individual treasure. We manufacture, among others, the following varieties:


with three- or four-sided piping

with four-sided hem 2/3/5 cm

with hem and piping at the base

with hem and piping at the end

with piping as decorative element

For a better understanding we would like to explain the most important terms:


Brocade Damask
Mako-Brocade-Damask Bed Linen
Plain Mako Sateen Bed Linen
Fancy woven

With our high-grade quality we create longevity for our products. Of course correct maintenance is also important. In order to preserve the typical Curt Bauer shiny appearance, please mind the advice on care labels and our washing recommendations.

temperature 60°

Do not bleach
(use colour or
mild detergent)

Hot iron (max. 200°)

Do not dry clean

temperature 40°

Gently cycle

Moderate temperature
(max. 150°)

Normal dry cleaning

Do not wash

Do not tumble try

Low temperature
(max. 110°)

Mild process
(lower agitation)

Our advice

You acquired a valuable bed linen made of 100% extra-long stable, combed cotton. A natural product which will bring you lots of joy. Here is some advice from us:

1. Reversing

Before washing, make sure to reverse your bed linen inside out and close all zippers. This way you protect colors, the fabric and prevent damage through opened zippers.

2. Washing
3. Drying
4. Ironing