Bauer Technics

Technical Textiles


We, as a traditional family business in the 5th generation, bear responsibility. Responsibility to our environment, our employees and customers, and to our product.

Curt Bauer cultivates its responsibility. Next to modernity and quality, sustainability represents an essential component in our company. Our production is and should be, interwoven with an awareness based on sustainability: from the idea to the design, from material planning, from distribution to marketing. We are not yet perfect in all areas but we will keep improving our sustainability step by step in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

Made In Germany

We are attached to our homeland and produce sustainably at our home location Aue-Bad Schlema, in the heart of the Saxon Ore Mountains in Germany, part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Damask weaving mill
Electrical power
Ecological balance
Made in Green and STeP certified
Product safety
Sustainable packaging
Social responsibility
Certification ISO 9001