Bauer Technics

Technical Textiles


The mission of Curt Bauer GmbH has remained the same since the company was founded in 1882. We want to provide pleasure to our customers with a touch of everyday luxury. This mission is made possible and maintained through the selection of modern textile products, longstanding know-how, exceptional quality and a high level of service.

Thanks to our production and manufacturing teams, we are especially proud to be able to satisfy almost all desires, such as customized production for table and bed linens.

We work hard to supply our customers with as many choices as possible. Every design and product is discussed, judged and improved through ongoing market research. Our customers are our most important parameter. A product will only become a part of the collection if our customers are convinced by it.

The selection of the finest ingredients, craft of modern processing technologies and longstanding experience of savvy professionals conjure your favourite textiles from finest damask fabrics into sophisticated products.

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