Bauer Technics

Technical Textiles


Weaving is one of the oldest techniques of textile fabric production. No other technique combines handicraft with art to achieve a luxurious and demanding design product like damask weaving. And this is what matters in a design, it should be able to tell us (goodnight) stories.

Textiles are like stories where handicraft and art, like two threads that cross each other, are combined into a pattern. Everything starts in a small room, directly underneath the roof of Curt Bauer´s  historic mansion. This room is reached by a winding staircase which is lovingly called the "Rapunzel-Tower" by the designers.

It is something special, even a privilege, to work in a family company, where all work processes are combined in one location. And to be part of the whole design, from the planning stage, through implementation, up to the start of the weaving process.

Empirically validated, the design team develops an overall plan for every collection. Originating from this theme, patterns are approached that will later be put together as designs. Repeats are created, are resized, color is played with - and sometimes things will be rejected. Step by step through outlining, composing color harmonies and selecting the finest threads, finally sewing, a textile masterpiece is created.

Designing is a process!