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Weaving since 1882

In 1882, the cotton company Samuel Wolle from Berlin, founded in 1848, acquired the weaving mill which had been in existence in Aue since 1867. The management was delegated to Alwin Bauer, who had learned the weaving and merchant profession at this mechanical weaving mill.

Within a few years, Alwin Bauer expanded the company into an efficient, multi-tiered textile enterprise. Since then the outstanding knowledge of the profession and passion for the trade have been passed on from generation to generation. With an awareness of our roots, we have been operating and selling through different sales channels as a global, German company to this day.


The Aue textile company "Samuel Wolle" was founded by Georg Wolle and Alwin Bauer. Around 1900, the factory owns hundreds of weaving looms as well as complete finishing and sewing departments. The corporate property was expanded with another textile company located in Eibau in Upper Lusatia.

From 1915

Alwin`s son Curt Bauer is also an employee and soon replaces his father as company director. In the 1930s, the now world-renowned company is renamed as Curt Bauer. After the Second World War, the sons Alexander and Wolfgang Bauer continue to run the company.


Due to historical incidents, Alexander Bauer has to accept governmental involvement. Nationalization follows 15 years later, however the strong solidarity among the work force and owner family is continued in the GDR. The sons of Alexander Bauer grow up in the parental home next to the damask weaving mill, and from this perspective experience the efforts made to maintain the existence of the company.


Alexander Bauer files an application for reprivatization. From 1st July a trust company started operating as "Curt Bauer GmbH under development". The company was reprivatized in 1993 and is being continued by the sons Michael and Gert Bauer as managing directors.


Continuing the family tradition, the company Curt Bauer stands for family consciousness, open-mindedness, and exceptional quality. This legacy is carried on into the 5th generation by Michael's children, Claudia and Ralph Bauer.

We do not tell stories, we recount history.

We are Curt Bauer since 1882.